Reset Architecture



Stichting Zonnewende
Het Brabants Landschap
Stichting Willem 2 Fabriek
municipality 's-Hertogenbosch
municipality Geldrop-Mierlo
municipality Sluis
municipality Oss
W2 Poppodium
Atelier Beheer Stichting
Oudheidkundig Museum Romeins Halder
Kasteel Tongelaar / Smaakmakers


Family Daems
Family Hougee
Family Mink
Family Post
Family Zuiderwijk


"The incentive to work with Reset architecture for us is the fact that they have vision on a large landscape scale but also show dedication and quality in detailing on a small scale. Theo can, with great vision and commitment, design within an integral changing process in which the office can move quickly without sacrificing quality. Starting with a strong concept they design sophisticated and sustainability technical solutions."
Wessel Zonneveld, Brabants Landschap

"True innovation requires letting go of your own reality. RESET provides guidance for this release. They creates space in which you can realize your dreams into a sustainable, beautiful and livable building."
Maarten Pieters, former chairman Zonnewende foundation