Reset Architecture


Theo Mathijssen founded reset architecture in 2009. Reset due to an intrinsic fascination with context-sensitive architecture, restructuring and reuse design tasks. For this he worked at various architecture firms in Esch, Amsterdam, Breda and Antwerpen where he designed private homes, collective housing, public buildings and urban planning projects.

Theo teaches at the ArtEZ Art Academy and has taught at the Eindhoven University of Technology where he also studied. He is involved in various cultural and public organisations to reflect and share ideas about our profession.

Bas Lavrijssen studied at the Academie voor Bouwkunst in Tilburg. He has worked at VMX Architects, HilberinkBosch Architecten and Marx & Steketee Architecten. During this period he mostly worked on several apartments and other housing assignment, town halls and museums. After 12 years of working experience as an architect and project manager, he started his own office in 2010. This created an opportunity to continue the family tradition of builders and the work method in which he was raised. This is best expressed by his fascination with technical detail in relation to the architectural design.

In 2014, Bas joined Reset architecture as an associate in the office.

Willemijn Meeusen graduated in 2016 as Architectural Designer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht. During her studies she won the IN-Form Award for work she presented during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. Before she joined Reset Architecture she gained work experience in offices in Tilburg and Winchester, England. Willemijn is also doing a pre-Master study Architecture and Engineering at the Academy of Architecture in Rotterdam.

David Steiger is a bachelor student Architecture at the Avans Hogeschool. In preparation for his master study architecture he is doing an internship at Reset architecture.

The following architects our interns work(ed) with us:

Tess Landsman 

Ylse Hetterscheid

Ji Yoon Ahn

Lenka Hrubá 

Erik Pennings

Pieter Bardoel 

Willem Lucassen 

Marjan Sarab, Geert Das, Maarten Mutters, Piotr Szczesniak and Stephan Kentie