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De Wal Oss

The redevelopment of the V&D site, Wal square and the sports field of the TBLschool offers an opportunity for a boost in the quality of the city centre of Oss. There is room for more shops and homes in the plans, but more importantly it offers a chance to create a vibrant center. A sequence of linked public spaces is the initial concept of the masterplan.

 The plan is designed with a clear vision of public space, the new buildings and outdoor areas are in line with the existing morphology but also mark the transition between the historic, small-scale structure and large scale post-war buildings on the edge of the centre. The plan adds a number of interesting urban spaces to the centre of Oss, each with its own identity and atmosphere. The squares link, it creates a new walking route through the center.

Centrally in the plan comes a new city library that attracts many people in and contributes to a mix of activities in an area now dominated by stores. Underground parking with an entrance on the ring road adds to the city town accessibility.

March 2009, Masterplan
commissioned by Jo Crepain for municipality Oss / Van Deursen
Theo Mathijssen