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Bottrop Linked Urbanity

Connecting places, and so people is a big step forward to activate the inner city and create urban life. In the long run we like to see attractive collective spaces where people can meet and children can play in a safe environment. In the Schutzenstrasse area, in close proximity of the pedestrian and shopping area, the possiblilty arises to create new public spaces that relate to the scale of the surroundings. This will improve the spatial structure of the site. The proposed plan adds a number of different complementary urban squares to the city centre of Bottrop. These have their own identity and atmosphere. Mostly enclosed, these spaces create the possibility to make an area where people want to hang around. New routes and urban connections will be created. These lively urban spaces are the new setting for a dense living quarter in the city centre.

June 2009, Competition
Europan10 Deutschland
Theo Mathijssen, Willem Lucassen