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House Acht5

Farmhouse Acht5, with its beautiful apple orchard, is located in an idyllic location in the Betuwe region in the Netherlands. Our assignment was to renovate and expand this derelict farmhouse. We chose a contemporary design strategy to preserve the existing qualities and rural character of the farmhouse. A new annex is placed in the second line, inferior in height but with a strong presence, behind the existing farmhouse. In its updated context the farmhouse becomes more prominent.

The annex generates space for a redistribution of functions to the most appropriate place. We combined two different housing typologies; a landscape-oriented 'loft-like' open-plan living space and a more private plan, arranged in rooms, in the existing farmhouse.

The facades of the new building have an identical structure. We have created a steel base and top edge separated by a glass facade or timber infill. The black wooden slats refer to the traditional barn facades in the region. The wooden infill has a predetermined pattern with slats of different heights so that the rural character gets an elegant refinement.



Photography: Huub Smits -


September 2009, completed Sept 2011
Theo Mathijssen en Pieter Bardoel