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Multifuncional pavilion Zonnewende

We have designed a multipurpose theatre pavilion with a hall for 200 seats in the woods of 'Zonnewende group stay'. The sturdy brick building is designed to blend into its surroundings but also to stand out.

A rectangular volume with two gable roofs are cut out at corners so that the building-contour follows the edge of the woods. This allows the pavilion to blend in easily in its surroundings. It also creates an interesting façade differentiation with dynamic roof lines. The sensitive way the building is situated also shows in the encounter of facade and sandy bottom, a color gradient in the base brickwork softens the transition.

photos: Stijn Poelstra

February 2015, finished July 2016
Zonnewende group stay
Theo Mathijssen, Bas Lavrijssen, Lenka Hrubá, Tess Landsman
Frans Spermon
Bouwbedrijf vd Ven