Reset Architecture

Reset Hospital monuments

"How can monumental buildings of a disused hospital be transformed to make them ready for an unknown function and uncertain future?"

This was the question that Student Maarten Muttens had to beat during his internship at reSET architecture. The uncertainty in the political planning of the hospital reuse became the starting point for the design research.

In this scheme the monuments will be nicely renovated and freed from inferior extensions. They will again be autonomous buildings in a public park setting. However, there are volumes to be added to accommodate new program like a library or a large department store.

To accommodate an uncertain function and flexible use in the future, it was decided to complement the existing building structure of corridors and smaller rooms, with two very large open-plan spaces. One of the two new spaces lies, underneed the new park between the existing monuments. The second volume is a bold superstructure on top of one of the monuments and so giving expression to the new possibilities and new users of the building ensemble.


January 2013, finished
Avans Hogeschool
Maarten Muttens, Theo Mathijssen (tutor)