Reset Architecture

University of Manitoba, Winnipeg

A great part of the Fort Garry Campus is located on the banks of the Red River. The river meanders along the eastern edge of the university grounds but is, in spite of the close proximity, not very visible. There is no strong relationship between river and campus, this is reflected in the building orientation. It seems that the buildings on the core campus have their backs turned to the river.

To strengthen the relationship between the campus and the passing river we reuse the present landscape with its strong structure which is rooted in the history of land reclamation. The former allotment of the river banks and the hinterland has resulted in the formation of long plots perpendicular to the Red River. The linear structure on the riverbank stands out in the landscape next to the later applied squared lots. Today, this organizing principle is still present in the urban fabric of Winnipeg and its surroundings and is therefore the logical base of our plan.

May 2013, Competition
University of Manitoba
Geert Das, Maarten Mutters, Theo Mathijssen
Buro Bol, Thor Hendriks, Roy Wouters