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Brabants Museum Park Out Herlaer

Commissioned by Brabant Landschap (land trust) we have developed a vision for the domain Haanwijk en Sterrenbosch. The reason for the assignment is the ambition to better anchor the rich history and contemporary culture in the 'Groen Woud' and the historic fortified city of 's-Hertogenbosch. The green lob from the 'Bossche Broek' to the heart of the 'Groen Woud' is also designated as cultural-historical landscape by the province Noord-Brabant. Our goal; make the landscape more attractive for residents and visitors of 's-Hertogenbosch and surroundings.

The landscape can be experienced in different ways. The landscape has the potential to appeals to different groups if we offer a multi-layered landscape. The most important layer is the beautiful natural landscape itself . A second layer is the existing historic cultural landscape that is sometimes visible and sometimes disappeared or hidden under new structures. The built heritage is an obvious third layer of cultural significance. In this study we present the spatial possibilities of a fourth and fifth layer.


We like to strengthen the present art activities that take place in Sterrenbosch. Art and landscape, in the vicinity of the city, can be a very attractive destination for new visitors. We proposed a spatial framework shaped by an art-route through the surroundings. In a museum park, the focus could be on art that explicitly enters into a relationship with nature. Land-art and larger statues are placed in a country and secure environment. Hereby art can also become an economic resource.

Offering accommodation in the domain is a nice option to experience the scenery and arts in an intense way. Accommodation in listed buildings make renovation possible and ensure the conservation of the heritage.

October 2013, feasibility study
Brabant Landschap
Theo Mathijssen