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Tivoli Complex Utrecht

The current Tivoli Complex has a long tradition of continuous rezoning and rebuilding, starting in the 13th century. Functions changed from monastery to orphanage, office and pop venue. This makes the buildings of historical interest. It is enhanced by many architectural styles. Characteristics of the Middle Ages, late Gothic, Neoclassical and Art Deco are all still recognizable.

We see great quality in the place the complex occupies in the structure of the city of Utrecht. The intimate scale and friendly atmosphere of the Green Cloister Garden has to be opened with an route to the Old Canal. We open the complex opens with a public route and is thus, in a renewed setting, again part of the city.

Internally we open up the complex by tearing down overbuilds so the courtyards return to there former glory. Experiencing gaps between the individual masses provides clarity within the complex. The courts help with orientation through the complex, they are part of the new public route on the ground floor and a semi-public route for daily users on the first floor.

June 2014, competition
Vereniging Oud-Utrecht
Stephan Kentie, Bas Lavrijssen, Theo Mathijssen