Reset Architecture

Townhouse T19

With some thoughtful architectural interventions Reset Architecture succeeded in modernising a monumental townhouse dating from 1905. The house has a bel ├ętage at one meter above street level and a lower ground floor at garden level, minus two meters sixty. By introducing a double-height open space next to the rear facade a renewed situation is created. In a logic way this space arranges unity; the bel ├ętage and lower ground floor are interrelated and both are in direct contact with the garden. Daylight forms an important design ingredient. A two- storey high steel window frame provides generous amounts of light to enter the house. The open and bright annex reorganises this impressive house and also provides it with a pleasant garden room.

photo's: Stijn Poelstra

January 2015, finished
Bas Lavrijssen, Nanette Vermazen
Frans Spermon
van de Bouwhuijsen, Peijnenburg staalconstructies