Reset Architecture

Fish Museum & Auction, Breskens

The Vissserij Experience is a complex with a variety of programs (net 3500 m2). A work program; fish auction, offices and KNRM life guards. In addition, a cultural program; The Fisheries Museum, the Fish Experience, a Fish Boat, restaurant and fish- and museum shop.

The building is visually cut into a work level with a dark plinth and light-colored cultural levels. The main programs Museum, Experience, shops, restaurant are visually separated into volumes. The roof of the various programs are cut up into separate shed roofs with skylight. This results in a composition of volumes and roofs forming a transition between the small urban fabric of the small village and the large port buildings.

The advantage of this design is its flexibility in the design process. This scheme can easily be adjusted with the further elaboration of the program requirements. Functions can grow and shrink by adjusting the available volumes.

The composition of roofs allows natural light to carry throughout the interior where desired. A visit to the museum is, by small differences in light intensity in the rooms, like a day at sea with changing sea skies during the voyage.

The design is a co-production of Reset architecture and Luc Reyn.

April 2015, invited competition
Gemeente Sluis
Theo Mathijssen, Luc Reyn, Tess Landsman, Bas Lavrijssen, Lenka Hrubá