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Self-builders House

The plan was developed through a co-creation process with our clients. Our clients are very involved self-builders who, assertive, want to shape their own living conditions. The 'Plant Je Vlag' urban project in Lent makes this possible and provides much freedom to self-builders.

The ground floor plan of this petty house is an unconventional loft-like floor plan around a staircase. Openness in the plan is combined with designing specific spaces for the different living conditions. The relationship with outside through facade openings help to create individual spaces within the open plan. The first floor has a very logical structure organized around the atrium into three bedrooms and a bathroom.

Our client is an art historian. The design of the façade is inspired and explained by art references. The house is a simple cube. Maybe even a hulking block. Spatial proportions are changed by dividing the volume horizontally. The house seems lower. Additionally this creates design freedom. The four facades are given coherence by the dichotomy but can then individually be designed as separate elements. This does not mean that there is a basis for arbitrariness, the small facades need abstraction, only a few wall openings in the plane like a Rothko - Josef Albers etc. The cladding will consist of wooden parts of 70mm high. These are painted gradient in different shades of green. The house is blends into the landscape like a photo of Jolanda van Nuenen we like. Over 3.5 meters, the façade finish consist of black plates. The dark plate ensures that there occurs a night and day contrast . The height of the building seems to fluctuate.

December 2013, construction 2015
Theo Mathijssen