Reset Architecture

Spiegelzaal, Willem Twee Music & Art Centre

Willem Twee Music and Art Centre has realised a new entrance hall; 'De Spiegelzaal' (Hall of Mirrors). Reset Architecture converted a monumental factory oor into a foyer for the pop concert halls, an art gallery and meeting space with ex working facilities. This exciting combination of different program represent all the art activities in the building in an open, easy and informal setting.

Reset Architecture changed all spatial conditions with one clear architectural organising principle; they introduced a glass carré parallel to all four walls of the hall to literally surround visitors by art. Being enfolded by glass, the transparency and the soft light, set a curious unique atmosphere. It's a grand gesture that presents itself with a modest horizontal stainless steel pro le. Due to the discreet approach the monumental character remains dominant, which can also be seen in the layout of the plan. The seating arrangement is positioned in line with the steel columns and creates a clear organisation of space.

photos: Stijn Poelstra

April 2016,
Gemeente 's-Hertogenbosch
Theo Mathijssen, Tess Landsman, Ylse Hetterscheid