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The TU/e campus is one of the smart cells within the "grey matter" of Brainport Eindhoven. This city cells are in transformation, from being closed monofunctional domains they become neighborhoods where knowledge, research and design will be combined with everyday life. Brainport's economic success is the result of cooperation and open innovation. This has resulted in being proclaimed 'Intelligent Community of the Year 2011' by the Intelligent Community Forum.

Ongoing transformation of the smart cells and literally opening up the built environment and mixing function will facilitate cooperation and open innovation even more and make Eindhoven smarter. In addition, it provides a lively and pleasant living and working environment, summarized in the city's ambition to be high tech, high green, high culture.

juni 2011, competition
Europan, TU/e
Theo Mathijssen, Wim van Bergeijk