Brabants Buitenmuseum Oud Herlaar

Het Brabants Buitenmuseum (Sculpture park) Oud Herlaar will be a special place where nature, cultural history and art come together. On behalf of the land trust Het Brabant Landschap we developed a landscape vision for the area Haanwijk, Out Herlaer and Sterrenbos in 2013. This vision was further developed, together with Het Noordbrabants Museum and Parklaan, into an ambitious plan for an outdoor museum. In a larger context, the Sculpture park becomes part of the Van Gogh National Park. The first steps for the Buitenmuseum were realised in 2017 with the opening of the Museum Roman Halder that we designed. We are working on the listed farm Oud Herlaar right now that becomes an exhibition space.

2013-  2018
Brabants Landschap
Theo Mathijssen, Tess Landsman
Parklaan Landschapsarchitecten (2017)
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