Opening Museum Romeins Halder

8 juni 2017:


Henri Swinkels, deputy of the province Noord Brabant, performs the official opening of the Museum Romein Halder along with Brabants Landschap director Jan Baan and chairman Joseph Vos.


Proud moment for us after so many hours of design and monitoring construction. But also for museum chairman Bert van Beek, after a long period of time, the museum has a good space to progress the exhibition at a beautiful location close to the archaeological site of the exhibited finds in Sint-Michielsgestel.


Berk van Beek about our work:


“Since the opening of our museum, we have only received favorable reactions. Everyone likes the building, especially the interaction between the light wood of the current interior and the dark wood of the load-bearing construction. Our glass showcases are beautifully presented in the exhibition area. It has really become a building where everyone feels at home. And our employees are full of praise for the new workplaces on the vide. From the outside the image of the old reconstruction barn has been well preserved and that contrasts nicely with the inside of our beautiful museum.”

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